Conquest for Coffee: Wrapped 2023

A caffeinated collection of the past year

Well, here we are. We’ve made it to the end of another year. 2023 is coming to a close and I must say, Conquest for Coffee has become bigger and better than ever. So without further ado, let me guide you on a tour of the notable milestones and moments from the last twelve months.

Conquest for Coffee – the soft relaunch

The start of the year was quite a slow one for me in all honesty. I was really in a coffee conundrum and I wasn’t sure of what direction to go. However, back in May, the reinvention of Conquest for Coffee had begun! With a newly modified site and a new thirst for exploration, I really took the reins to make the blog what it is today.

Within the space of this one year, Conquest for Coffee has expanded with 12 new posts and has made it all the way to almost 1,500 pairs of eyes. I’m quite proud of the progress!


My newly-found inspiration led me to take my camera everywhere I could. Even during my birthday trip to Dublin in June, I just couldn’t stop myself.

This trip was one like no other for me. I’d always wanted to go to Dublin to see what the city had to offer and there was no better opportunity. I was rather impressed with the volume of coffee I sank during one weekend. It paid off though. If you don’t believe me, you can see my Weekend in Dublin for proof!

My first ever After Dark post was also a hit, and I’m determined to bring more to you. 🍸

Whilst I’m on the subject of Dublin, it would be sinful to not mention my favourite spot of them all. 3fe is a staple in the Dublin coffee scene and one that I would always recommend. Want to find out more about it? Check out my post here!

  • 3fe Flat White
  • Eggs on Toast & Pancakes
  • 3fe Exterior
  • 3fe Interior

Cafés and Coffee Spots of the Steel City

The exploration in Dublin didn’t just stop there, don’t you worry…

This year I really took it upon myself to take on the streets of Sheffield and bring a whole new city to Conquest for Coffee. The variety of cafés and coffee shops that this South Yorkshire staple has to offer is amazing and you will find a bite to eat no matter your mood; I sure did anyway. I don’t even think I’ve scratched the surface in terms of Sheffield coffee. I’m excited to delve deeper in the next year and journey to parts of the city that I am yet to visit. A standout spot for me is Marmadukes and I’ve managed to conquer not just their flagship, but also their second location! I am so ready to make it a hat-trick with the third and final location next year.

  • Flat White & Cortado
  • Cortado at Marmardukes, Norfolk Row
  • Latte at Hygge

Revisiting Leeds

2023 wasn’t just about finding new coffee shops, but also revisiting some old icons, like Laynes Espresso in Leeds. Since my last visit, Laynes has undergone a dramatic transformation and has now doubled in size. It’s now a whopper of a coffee shop, lemme tell you. Now there’s more room for all that caffeinated goodness but I can say it has kept its same signature style and authenticity. Laynes is always jam-packed with punters awaiting a table and I can still see why.

Leeds will always by a city I call my home and I’m excited to conquer more than ever before!

The final verdict of 2023

Looking back at the past year is kinda crazy. In the space of twelve months, I’ve been able to venture to new places as well as sample some of my old favourites. I feel like I’ve had a new lease of life when it comes to my conquests and I can’t wait to continue into 2024. This next year though, I want to expand further. I find myself scrolling on the old TikTok far too much and now I’m inspired to bring my content to the scrolling screens. Whilst I do get myself ready for this though, please make sure you follow me on instagram. So, let’s go forth and bring Conquest for Coffee into 2024 with a bang!

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