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As a northern powerhouse, Leeds is the city I’m proud to call my home. No matter how many times I venture out into the city centre, I will always find somewhere new to explore. However, before I moved to Madrid and started writing Conquest for Coffee, I never knew Leeds was so chock-full of coffee corners to try. Just like the last post, I’m excited to get my taste buds stuck into what there is to offer.

Laynes Espresso is situated in the centre of the city just as you leave the train station. It’s a coffee shop that I’ve walked past more times than I can count, and only been able to visit when I’ve been lucky enough to grab a table. However, this crisp Saturday morning I was determined to get a seat – the early bird catches the worm and all that!

The coffee

A coffee for this early bird? Don’t mind if I do! Laynes sources their coffee from a range of coffee roasters and rotates this selection periodically. There’s always a new post on Instagram of the upcoming roast so it’s always great to check them out. My coffee of choice, of course, was the flat white with oat milk. It gave me the warmth I needed on a stormy day but with that caffeinated richness that I’ve come to appreciate.

Each coffee is specially served in a Laynes branded cup that comes in a variety of sizes. If you enjoy the cup so much, you can even buy one of your very own! Definitely another take on coffee to-go.

The food

Laynes has the perfect variety of food to complement their variety of coffee. As you can see from the photos below, I’ve tried different dishes each time I visited, but the one thing they do well is a good breakfast. Whether you want something small and simple (such as the breakfast muffin) or something full and fancy (like the signature Laynes breakfast), you’re sure to find something to suit your appetite. I also appreciated the fact that the breakfasts suit anyone on the dietary spectrum from vegan to full-on meat – perfect for all to enjoy!

Something else all will enjoy is the selection of desserts. As soon as you walk in, you will see them all lovingly displayed next to the till. I wasn’t able to grab one the morning I went, but luckily, I work close enough to pop down during lunch and grab myself a cinnamon roll. It was massive! I must say it kept me busy during the rest of my working day.

The aesthetic

As busy as Laynes looks from the outside, this coffee shop couldn’t be any different from the inside. There is no sense of rush in here – a warming vibe with a touch of lo-fi jams in the background. I believe this is well-complemented, especially on the weekends with their no laptop policy. No technology, just great coffee! The best thing about this café, however, is the abundance of Laynes logos dotted around. They’re not just on the cups! You can see them on the tiles, on the windows, and even on custom pin badges for sale. I don’t think Laynes show their passion better than their minimal coffee-coloured logo. I would highly recommend that you come down to share the enthusiasm.

The verdict

Simply put, Laynes Espresso is a coffee shop that exudes coffee passion. Whether that be because of the coffee-coloured logos or the coffee itself, it is a staple in Leeds coffee culture. As a café that celebrated its ten year anniversary last year, I can see this place being open for at least ten more.

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