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The coffee you couldn’t bear to live without

Sheffield, the steel city of Yorkshire, is a city that is ever-changing. Popular with students, there are always young people moving in and out, enthusiastic to explore what there is to offer. Marmadukes, however, is a staple of Sheffield coffee culture that is here to stay. Heck, there’s three locations! I set my eyes on the first of these, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

The coffee

We arrived at Marmadukes at an early but sunny 9:00am – it’s a must if you don’t want to risk the queues! As soon as we sat down, we ordered our drinks. The quintessential oat milk cortado for myself and a latte for my friend, with a side of the freshest orange juice to quench our thirst. What I think is so great is that this well-establish coffee shop features an array of guest blends, whether that be in their espresso roasts or their filter coffees. You will always be enticed to revisit, whether that be to have a second (or third, or even fourth) helping of the current blend, or to try what’s next. All I can say about this blend is that it sure had the power I needed to get my day started off right.

I know I may be heathen for even saying this…. but if you’re not the biggest fan of coffee, there’s a plethora of other beveraginos for you to choose from too! If you’re looking to branch out from your typical Yorkshire Tea, which of course is available, Marmadukes stock blends for all tastes from all over the world. “Good & Proper Tea” as they call it on their menu. It most definitely looked like it from where I was sitting. I noticed a few early risers pottering around with their pots of loose-leaf tea, so I can definitely say it’s quite popular!

The food

The coffee and tea may be popular at Marmadukes, but the food also holds its own! On this occasion I opted for the Eggs Royale that were served on their freshly baked house muffins. Only the softest pillows for the tastiest eggs, of course. As an amateur coffee afficionado like myself, I was so intrigued to try their special hollandaise sauce with a unique espresso hint. Espresso in hollandaise sauce, you say? Who knew that would be a match in brunch heaven?

Our focus at Norfolk Row has always been to use simple, honest ingredients and create uncomplicated, delicious food.


If you end up visiting on the weekend, and you fancy a hearty dish to start the morning, I recommend perusing the special weekend breakfast menu. Whether you’re a vegan or a self-confessed meat-eater there’s an option here for both and everything in between. My friend decided to go for the traditional full English with the Marmadukes twist. In particular, the plain old baked beans have been swapped out for the house made chipotle beans. These might be just enough heat to wake you up if the coffee hasn’t kicked in just yet. 

No matter what you fancy, whether that be something light or comforting, this coffee shop has it all. Oh, but don’t forget to take a look at the sweet treats on your way out. No? Well, how about the freshly baked bread? You read that right – you can treat yourself to a loaf of that very bread you had with your eggs! Only the perfect memento if you ask me.

The vibe

Marmadukes’ flagship location is the perfect place to come on a cold winter day. This in particular takes inspiration from cosy nooks which you can see with the entwining corridors and rustic minimal décor. You can see how much passion and care the owners have, especially as one of them is a keen interior designer as well as a foodie. She really has an eye for aesthetic in both food and interiors which keeps the entire vibe consistent. This café notably been in existence for over a decade now and won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

The verdict

In a nutshell, Marmadukes is a staple in the Sheffield coffee scene. This flagship store is only the beginning, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks and you may see yet another instalment. 👀 Marmadukes’ logo, as you can see, is a bear on a bike, and you will be too rushing to grab yourself a table!

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