Marmadukes, Cambridge St. - Exterior

Marmadukes (Cambridge St.)

Return of the bear

Oh Sheffield, what iconic city in the South of Yorkshire. When a city is as iconic as this, it has to be home to some icons too. Marmadukes is a great example of one of these. You may be thinking to yourself – Josh, haven’t you already blogged about Marmadukes? You are indeed correct, but the eagle-eyed among you know that there’s not just the prior location. I can’t wait to tell you about the second too.

The coffee

Today was another early start for us as we ventured into the centre of Sheff. Errands to run, coffee conquests to conquer and what not. Of course, the coffee was the first thing on the list. As I did in the first location, I ordered myself an oat milk cortado with a side of orange juice, and you won’t be disappointed that this coffee spot boasts the same blends as the other.

This seasonal blend, though, had hints of warm berries. It’s really a perfect blend as we head into the colder months. For anyone that may have experience with Nespresso pods, this tasted similarly to their once limited edition Framboise Christmas Espresso, so it was great to relive those flavours again! Marmadukes are not afraid to give you whichever coffee beverage you like with their mainstay blend or a guest blend such as this, so you will always want to return to see which blends are visiting.

The colder months aren’t just for coffee after all. You tea tasters out there can enjoy the same blends that feature in the flagship store. “Good & Proper Tea” served right here, that’s for sure.

The food

The food may be such a hit over at Norfolk Row, but it’s also true here! This Marmadukes location features a slightly different menu which features delightfully delicious deli foods and easy to eat dishes. Because of this, I found that this was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a pain au chocolat (one of my fave all time pastries – basic, I know) whilst my friend ordered himself the bacon sandwich. This isn’t just any bacon sandwich, though. It is a sandwich filled with dry cured bacon and spiced tomato relish lovingly stuffed into wild-farmed sourdough.

As you can imagine the portions aren’t for those of you that are looking to get a full and hearty breakfast on the morning, but are perfect for you who don’t eat too much on a morning and want to get your day started. Whatever you are looking for at breakfast time, you can be sure to return for more options on the deli counter for what fillings that have on offer. Surely you can never get bored with the choice!

The vibe

As I said above, the portion sizes here aren’t as huge and hearty as some other coffee shops in Sheffield, but in my opinion, this makes it perfect for students. Say you want to stop by before a lecture or want to grab a bite whilst getting some work done. It would be a lot easier here. Marmadukes on Cambridge Street also stays true to the rustic minimal decor but transitions more into the modern aesthetic. This coffee shop is situated in one of the newest areas of town, with ultra modern high rises that are almost ready for residents to move in. I can definitely say that this blends the two aesthetics together perfectly.

The verdict

Without all the mumbo jumbo, Marmadukes is, and always will be, a staple in the Sheffield coffee scene. This modern Cambridge Street location is the perfect place to grab the signature blends that Marmadukes have to offer but in a new modern outfit. I hope you think I’m not done here though. There may be a third instalment in this trilogy to come… 👀

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