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The fave coffee spot for local legal eagles

As you can imagine, Sheffield is a sprawling city with many districts to discover. Whether you’re a student, a local, or just a shopper, there is something for everyone here. This weekend, however, I thought it was high time to venture to a different part of town. Albie’s is located just around the corner from the city’s courts. So, as you can imagine, if you’re a local lawyer looking for your caffeine fix, you can rest assured that Albie’s is the perfect spot to grab a quick coffee and a bite to eat. As it was a weekend visit, however, I thought it best to stay a tad longer.

The coffee

Since being founded in the summer of 2018 by siblings Robyn and Fraser, Albie’s has always set out on ‘creating community and inclusivity through our passions of coffee’, and this can be surely seen. If you know me, you know a flat white is exactly what I grabbed as soon as I arrived. It is the perfect beveragino to feel the caffeinated power but still be able to point out the tasting notes. My flat white of the day was lovingly made from their House Espresso with tasting notes of cherries, chocolate and jams. This was perfect for a cold morning in my opinion! You can really feel how it is not just the temperature of the coffee that warms you up, but the tasting notes that give you that hug.

If you are to only be in town for a few days, though, then I can imagine you would want to try out an Albie’s signature. Am I right? The Albie’s Mocha is definitely the choice for you! In my opinion, this is the epitome of luxury at this Sheffield coffee shop. A mocha luxuriously topped with whipped cream and an Oreo plonked on top. Oh, and a toasted marshmallow on the side too. Have I enticed you yet? It just makes you want to delve into the decadence. Probably the best thing that you can have on a cold winter day. Before I forget to mention, if you like this in the winter, just wait for the summer. The iced Albie’s Mocha is ready to give a caffeinated kick to those who have the sweetest of teeth (a review of this is currently pending 👀).

The food

If you do feel like the Albie’s mocha is too much for you, then don’t worry. Albie’s also stock a signature dish on their food menu too. The Albie’s French Toast is the perfect accompaniment to go with your coffee. This dish is deliciously topped off with homemade spice blueberry compote, maple syrup, cocoa nibs and whipped cream. I can imagine that this is brilliant for someone with a sweet tooth, just like myself. I absolutely demolished it! If all that sweetness is not your thing, why not try the French Toast, but instead topped with bacon? You still have the sweetness from the maple syrup but also that savoury touch.

The vibe

Albie’s have always been proud of their friendly welcome, and what a friendly welcome we received. No matter what time of day, even early on a Saturday morning, the staff are ready and raring to go. This cute coffee shop has quite an intimate setting in terms of size but does have a bright and airy feel to it. To me, it’s perfect for those cloudier days because it makes you forget about the drearyness of the outer world. Because of where it is located, I can imagine this place absolutely bustling during the week, but is the perfect for a chilled coffee on the weekend. I’m sure you’ll correct me if I’m wrong!

The verdict

To cut a long story short, Albie’s is the indulgent answer for all those Sheffield business people searching for their daily brew. Whether you are one of these, or just searching for your next caffeine fix, Albie’s is a coffee shop that is high on the list for sure. It’s time to visit for yourself!

I love Sheffield and I have discovered so many coffee spots to conquer on my visits here. Take a look here to see what else the Steel City has to offer!

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