Dublin River

A Weekend in Dublin

Being from the UK brings a lot of travel advantages, one of them being that you’re on the doorstep of so many wonderful destinations. Whether that be due to a concoction of cultures on one island or the easy access to all of Europe, there’s always somewhere for you to go. My birthday was fast approaching, and a trip was quickly suggested. We aimed for Dublin and, of course, I had to be the mastermind behind our coffee conquests. Continue reading A Weekend in Dublin

Flat Lay of Food at Hygge


The city of Sheffield, a gem of South Yorkshire, is chock full of spots for you to chill. However, Hygge takes the cake (or coffee, am I right?). Located in Fitzalan Square, Hygge is surrounded connections for customers to come from all around, whether that be by train, tram or on foot. Heck, it’s even at the bottom of student accommodation. Very conveniently placed if you ask me Continue reading HYGGE

Eggbreaky Melt at Eggbreak


Notting Hill is where we decided to set up camp for the weekend and is one of West London’s most iconic areas. With a plethora of pastel-coloured houses and the iconic Portobello Road Market nearby, it has rapidly become an Instagram hotspot. This posh part of London may be famous for a romantic scene in Love Actually, but it was yet to meet me and my coffee companions! Continue reading Eggbreak

A Weekend in London

Even though I’m a Brit, London has always been a city that I’ve never really had the opportunity to venture to – only a handful of times in my 25 years! However, I wanted to make this trip different. One of my closest friends took the reins with planning everything we wanted to do. From the best surprises, to spending time with old faces, to sweaty sightseeing in the 35-degree sun, almost everything was covered. My job however was to search for coffee shops to conquer. So, here it is. A coffee lover’s rendition of a weekend in London. Continue reading A Weekend in London

Fika North Interior

Fika North

Even though I’ve been near Leeds for most of my life, Headlingley was always one of those areas I’d never really been. Brimming with students and young professionals alike, it has always been a place where individuality seems to flourish – and that also comes in the form of their coffee shops. Another of my colleagues had been raving about Fika especially, so I thought it may be appropriate for a little brunch and blog with friends. Continue reading Fika North

Laynes: Interior

Laynes Espresso

As a northern powerhouse, Leeds is the city I’m proud to call my home. No matter how many times I venture out into the city centre, I will always find somewhere new to explore. However, before I moved to Madrid and started writing Conquest for Coffee, I never knew Leeds was so chock-full of coffee corners to try. I’m excited to get my taste buds stuck into what there is to offer. Continue reading Laynes Espresso