Ezra & Gil: Exterior

Ezra & Gil

When you think of the North, what is one of the first cities to come to mind? Manchester, of course! This titan of Northern England is an amazing metropolis with a touch of grit that gives it the sense of comfort. It can only get better when coffee is involved too. Just a hop, step and a train ride away from my humble abode in Leeds, Manchester is so close and yet and hardly ever visit. So when the opportunity arose, I grabbed it as hard as I could. Continue reading Ezra & Gil

Dublin River

A Weekend in Dublin

Being from the UK brings a lot of travel advantages, one of them being that you’re on the doorstep of so many wonderful destinations. Whether that be due to a concoction of cultures on one island or the easy access to all of Europe, there’s always somewhere for you to go. My birthday was fast approaching, and a trip was quickly suggested. We aimed for Dublin and, of course, I had to be the mastermind behind our coffee conquests. Continue reading A Weekend in Dublin

Flat Lay of Food at Hygge


The city of Sheffield, a gem of South Yorkshire, is chock full of spots for you to chill. However, Hygge takes the cake (or coffee, am I right?). Located in Fitzalan Square, Hygge is surrounded connections for customers to come from all around, whether that be by train, tram or on foot. Heck, it’s even at the bottom of student accommodation. Very conveniently placed if you ask me Continue reading HYGGE