Brother Hubbard - Exterior

Brother Hubbard

Dublin’s Middle Eastern Masterpiece

Ah Dublin, a city that has captured my little heart. It’s time for another deep dive in on this fabulous city and the widespread coffee scene that lurks within. My Weekend in Dublin was jam-packed with many a conquest, but one that definitely stands out is Brother Hubbard. This Capel Street location was such an experience and I want to tell you more!

The coffee

So, let’s jump straight into this time and get straight to the coffee! The beveragino of choice for me this morning was Brother Hubbard’s quintessential blend of filter coffee (I must have really been on a filter coffee hype in Dublin). I did love how it was served in a teeny tiny glass jug and I could just pour out what I wanted. Oh, how I savoured that coffee. Fun fact about Brother Hubbard is that their coffee is roasted right on Capel Street, which is the location we chose to venture to. What a great coincidence, eh?

Don’t worry though if you don’t fancy something warm like that though, especially on warmer days. Brother Hubbard also have their homemade chilled infusions in their arsenal. How about a homemade Chai infusion in latte form and dusted with pink spices? The aesthetic was on point here, that’s for sure! *Chef’s Kiss*

The food

Looking for some more uniqueness? Then, you should check out the food here at Brother Hubbard. It’s crazy to think that this small chain of coffee shops started with selling the simple coffees and cakes, and now the mens sprawl from breakfast to brunch to lunch to dinner, seven days a week!

With an intention to provide simple, pure, interesting food which is made entirely from scratch, Brother Hubbard has crafted a menu to reflect just that. Their focus on Middle Eastern cuisine shows this off perfectly and can be seen in the dishes we opted for. On my end, I ordered the Frenchie – decadent French toast topped with various bits and pieces, but most notably their vanilla mascarpone and sleek but smooth Turkish delight cubes. Side note, this changes seasonally so if you’re a French toast aficionado, get yourself there throughout the year! On my friend’s end was the Porchetta – Brother Hubbard’s own slow roast marinated pork and sautéed fennel and cabbage piled high on homebaked sourdough. Before you ask, yes. It is just that indulgent. In all honesty, I think this is some of the most unique food I’ve ever had for brunch! *Chef’s Kiss .. again*

The verdict

Oh what is there to say about Brother Hubbard? This kooky coffee corner-come-gastronomical hotspot has made such a name for itself since opening its doors in March 2012. If it’s something unique you’re looking for in the Irish Capital, this is indeed the place for you!

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