Flat Lay of Food at Hygge


As comforting as a big Hygge

The city of Sheffield, a gem of South Yorkshire, is chock full of spots for you to chill. However, Hygge takes the cake (or coffee, am I right?). Located in Fitzalan Square, Hygge is surrounded connections for customers to come from all around, whether that be by train, tram or on foot. Heck, it’s even at the bottom of student accommodation. Very conveniently placed if you ask me!

[hyoo-guh] • Danish

(n.) a quality of cosiness that comes from doing simple things.

That perfectly fitting definition says it all. Hygge is a coffee shop especially decked out for students. As you can imagine, it is the epitome of convivial working with an array of spots to hot desk. I may not be a student any longer, but here you don’t have to be. Keep reading to find out more!

The coffee

What else do students love as much as avoiding work? A good coffee of course, and we were able to try jut a couple!

As you can imagine, the coffee van slap bang in the middle of the entry way was a sure-fire method of coffee purchase persuasion. In this way, I chose to opt for my signature cortado, and my friend opted for a latte. With the weather warming up and nights becoming a little more restless, I needed something to give me the energy I needed for the day, and I was not disappointed. The cortado really packed a punch! Our coffees were brewed with Hygge’s speciality ‘cosy blend’. Cosy yet powerful sounds like such an oxymoron but describes it to perfection. To me, it sounds like a coffee you need on a morning to wake you up but with that sense of security you have when you wake up at home.

Not fancying a coffee? Hygge have a variety of beverages that fit the season, and that includes smoothies! With the days getting longer, and of course hotter, sometimes a coffee (even an iced one) may not cut it. The ever-changing selection is sure to entice your return with a variety of fruity delights on offer.

The food

So, for today’s brekkie of choice, we decided to go for something a little more simple but effective – the quintessential avo toast and a tomato, mozzarella and pesto toasty. Honestly, it was just what we needed on a crisp summer morning. I can imagine these would be perfect whilst you are studying here – keeping your greasy mits off your keyboards. We love a bit of smart studying!

You will also, beyond the coffee van and massive tree, spot the range of baked goods on the counter calling out to you. Of course, I couldn’t resist that. A cruffin and cinnamon roll was just what we needed. I don’t know if you read about the cruffin debacle from my Fika North post, but my friend was the victim of the same here. All I can say is that it is a sweet sacrifice for the most delectable of desserts. The cinnamon roll was interesting too. It was absolutely massive and struck me as something similar to a try bake that you would get during your primary school dinner. Holding on to my youth obviously!

The aesthetic

I must confess, it feels like a hell of a long time since I was a student, and Hygge may have been the perfect study spot for me to visit. With its chill scandi vibes, it may be just the perfect spot for you to get into that studious state of mind.

You may miss working from home, but here you will feel like you’re doing just that! Fancy a day bed or an egg chair, perhaps? Well, you’ll get that here if you’re lucky enough! I arrived not long after opening time, but it does fill up fast. So, get there early enough to avoid disappointment!

The verdict

To wrap it all up, this Sheffield student spot is a coffee shop that entices all students, or those who wish to remember those times like myself. Situated just under the sugar cube student accommodation, you are sure to find a coffee and a cruffin just as sweet as the building’s namesake.

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