Eggbreaky Melt at Eggbreak


The hub for Notting Hill nosh

It was only a few years ago that a group of four from England, Ireland, Spain and America met whilst living and working in Madrid, and it was finally time for us to reunite after far too long. Notting Hill is where we decided to set up camp for the weekend and is one of West London’s most iconic areas. With a plethora of pastel-coloured houses and the iconic Portobello Road Market nearby, it has rapidly become an Instagram hotspot. This posh part of London may be famous for a romantic scene in Love Actually, but it was yet to meet me and my coffee companions. Get ready for us, Eggbreak!

The coffee

Plot twist: little old me opted for a cortado made with oat milk – I know, shocker, right? It was just perfectly bitter to get me going on a morning before a long day with travel and served as a perfect accoutrement to a nice glass of OJ. I think something that is of particular note and value, especially considering it is here in London, is that Eggbreak offers hot mugs of their house brew. This particular blend changes on a monthly basis, which is great if you always want to try new flavours. However, the best part is … free refills! For those of you that feel like you always need an IV of coffee attached to you to keep you awake, this may be the perfect supply for you, that’s for sure.

The food

If you were to think an abundance of eggs at a brunch spot was not exactly ground-breaking, then think again. Here it is most definitely eggs by name, eggs by nature! From the ol’ classic Eggs Benedict to their signature eggbreaky melt, there is something for all tastes and appetites. Feeling particularly peckish? you won’t be after getting your choppers around their egg, bacon and cheese toasty as my friend did. I can say it is a meal that is sure to give you the energy you need for the day as well as making you feel all warm and gooey inside.

I, myself, opted for the eggbreak benedict, which for me is the perfect portion. With either smoked salmon or bacon, this gem of customisation is perfect for those who may not be sluts for seafood. Something simple about this that made me love it more is that it wasn’t served on a bed of sourdough like normal. I don’t know whether it’s just me, but I always find it quite the obstacle to navigate the rock-hard crust so that my food doesn’t go flying! However, these eggs were served on the cutest muffins instead, providing somewhat of a fluffy pillow for the eggs to lay on and my teeth to sink into.

The vibe

I can imagine that, to the ordinary passerby, Eggbreak looks quite intimidating! With a queue going up the length of the street, it seems like you’d never make it to those sunny little yellow doors. However, once you finally get in, it’s definitely worth it! We were led down into the basement that morning. With low ceilings and creamy-coloured wooden walls, it gives the cosiest of vibes that you may appreciate on a cold winter morning, In contrast, the ground floor level would be perfect for a summer day, letting in the sun and feeling the city’s breeze. It’s so interesting as it feels like a complete antithesis to London as a city – pretty much the perfect spot for you to rest up or prepare for quite the busy day.

The verdict

To sum it all up, London has coffee shops up the wazoo for brunch lovers alike, but most don’t always feel as exclusive as this one. With its hearty helpings of the most delicious eggs, it’s the ideal place to take an (egg)break from the streets of Notting Hill. Eggs any way, you say? Yes, please!

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