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Fika North

Headlingley’s Hungry Hotspot

Even though I’ve been near Leeds for most of my life, Headlingley was always one of those areas I’d never really been. Brimming with students and young professionals alike, it has always been a place where individuality seems to flourish – and that also comes in the form of their coffee shops. Another of my colleagues had been raving about Fika especially, so I thought it may be appropriate for a little brunch and blog with friends.

[fee-ka] • Swedish

(n.) a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life.

Located in the student suburb of Far Headingly, Fika North has become a staple of the local coffee culture. It is for sure a cute little café tucked away in between the quaint Headlingley houses yet on full display on the corner. The definition above from their website perfectly defines the vibes here too.

The coffee

That definition isn’t the only thing that matches the vibes – the coffee here lives up to that very same standard! Fika have a passion for brewing the finest coffee, no matter whether it is from roasters here in the city, county, country, or further. My coffee of choice (obviously) was the piccolo with oat milk whereas my friend indulged in her usual flat white. I enjoyed the bitterness of this blend which perfectly complimented the crisp and cold morning. It’s worth a note that the selection of beans is constantly ever-changing, so it’s worth a trip back if you want to grab a coffee with a new note, whether that be to drink in or take away. Heck, you can even buy the beans for yourself!

Checking out their Instagram for myself, there are other things that I should definitely go back and try. How about a split shot made with their new ‘volcano’ blend? Sounds powerful to me!

The food

Something else that exudes this power is their selection of food options. There’s quite an array of bagel choices to suit any appetite and taste. Boring maybe, but I chose to go for the classic smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, and I wasn’t disappointed! You know how you go to the supermarket, and you buy a pack of bagels, and they can be a little dense and glossy on the outside? Well, Fika North doesn’t have that vibe. Instead, their toasted bagels are so light and fluffy, just like eating a cloud. If you ask me, these bagels are perfect for those of you who don’t like breakfast or brunch that weighs you down.

After the bagels, of course, come the pastries and desserts lovingly made in-house – a cruffin for myself and an almond and orange friand for my friend. A friand with a friend, you say? What more can you ask for? To be honest, the friand was perfect for those who want to be a bit more sophisticated at a coffee shop. A perfect bitesize chunk of sweetness to keep you going. However, if you don’t mind making a fool of youself, go for that cruffin. I must say, I probably ended up with more powdered sugar on me than I ate, but it was worth it for sure, especially with the strawberry ganache surprise in the middle.

The aesthetic

As I said in my intro, Fika North is a snug yet Scandinavian-inspired coffee shop that proudly displays the passion and creativity in coffee culture. I love how it feels so inviting yet the décor can be quite minimal, from the plain but bright orange tables to the even brighter abstract works displayed. If you like the art just as much as I did, you even have the option to take a piece home with you. The coffee will have ‘bean’ and gone but the artwork can stay in your home forever.

The verdict

To wrap it all up, this Headlingley Hotspot is a café that lives up to the hype. Always bustling with bagel buyers, it attracts those from nearby as well as those further in Leeds city centre (or the other side of Leeds like myself). Who needs to start the Otley Run in Headlingley when you can start your morning with some Fika North Nosh? 

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