Café Kitsuné

A Fashionable Combination

As I said in a previous post, Paris is filled to the brim with fashion inspiration. Even the cafes are full of it too! Sometimes it’s possible in the city of love to find places that perfectly combine fashion and food. Café Kitsuné is one of them.

The centre of Paris is full of boutiques and boutique-like cafés alongside them. I wanted to be able to visit somewhere central so I can get that Parisien vibe during breakfast. I was walking with my friend around the Tuileries Garden when I spotted this place and thought I must go back the next day. And so, that’s what I did.

Located on the outskirts of the Tuileries Garden, Café Kitsuné is a coffee shop that accompanies the Maison Kitsuné store. As described by themselves, Kitsuné is a quality music label, clothing brand and a lot more. Before going to the coffee shop, I had no idea that Kitsuné was a brand of its own. In Madrid, I’m used to almost every café having their own stash of merch, but I should have guessed when this place had a whole extra space just for their items.

The coffee

Their items may be great quality, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. The coffee is definitely up to a high standard too! However, it must be said that their menu isn’t the biggest you will see. Nevertheless, you are sure to get some of the highest quality coffee here. From hints of fruity flavour such as cherry to sweeter sensations like caramel, their blends have been sourced from many locations around the world and roasted to create a signature flavour.

I, myself, ordered a latte to start my day, and I must say it definitely went down a treat. You can for sure taste that high quality coffee right here. It was smooth to the taste with no bitterness.

The food

The coffee here is definitely the star of the show, but I must mention the food too! They don’t have a wide variety of foods, just a small selection of baked goods. Maybe not the cheapest, a small slice of cake would cost you around five euros, but I thought I might as well. I ordered the salted caramel cookie which was quite miniature in comparison to the price. However, I definitely saw why. It was just enough of a sugar kick to start my morning off right, and I don’t think I would have been able to eat such a sweet cookie if it was any bigger.

The aesthetic

Café Kitsuné keeps up to its minimal chic aesthetic throughout its store and follows through into the coffee shop too. The glossy white and glass countertops make such a small coffee shop feel so much bigger. I have been into other cafés smaller than this one, but this definitely felt more open. If you’re into somewhere a lot more airy instead of cosy, this may be a better option for you. I live for a minimal aesthetic and it did that just right. It still gave a sense of comfort even with such a harsh interior design aesthetic – a subtle but perfect combination of hard and soft surfaces.

The verdict

In conclusion, this is another example of a Parisien café that keeps to the fashionably minimal aesthetic. The food and drink options coincide with this in a great way and follows along perfectly with the brand of Maison Kitsuné. If you happen to be in Paris anytime soon, this should be somewhere to check out!

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