Exterior of Matamata Coffee Bar

Matamata Coffee Bar

A must in the heart of Paris

As the city of love, Paris and its inhabitants are filled with passion for everything that they do. This can also be said for the central streets and the business that are on them. Matamata Coffee Bar is for sure one of those places that is a home for people with a passion for the art of coffee.

For the third and final stop, I decided to venture to the Montorgueil neighbourhood, situated in the centre of Paris and quite close to the Louvre, give or take 10 minutes walking. The other cafés that I tried here all had a touch of fashion to them, but I really wanted to try and experience the more alternative coffee shops like those that I discovered in Madrid. I can definitely say that I managed to find it here.

Situated within the Montorgueil neighbourhood, as said above, Matamata Coffee Bar was founded by a few friends that collectively share a passion for coffee and want to “share life’s simplest pleasures” through the medium of their coffee. It is a coffee shop that promotes connections with other clients and fellow coffee drinkers, giving them a friendly place to sit and enjoy a good cuppa coffee.

The coffee

A good cuppa coffee you say? Let’s talk about that! Matamata serves coffee that is sourced from a variety of countries from around the world, but they are proudly roasted here on Parisien soil. However, it’s always worth going back as they change their menu from time to time. That will leave you coming back for more for sure.

Each coffee comes served in cute but minimal mugs that makes it feel like you’re getting a homemade coffee, but it’s what’s inside that counts. Perfect for a morning pick me up, the blends are fragrant with just enough caffeine to get your day started. Nothing overbearing, just good coffee.

If coffee doesn’t suit your fancy, you can always get one of their various teas instead. There are just enough options of loose-leaf teas, so you are sure to find an aroma that piques your interest.

The food

Matamata’s food is also something that would pique your interest. During the mornings, they have a variety of set menus that are bound to help you start your day. For example, I chose a menu that involved their breakfast sandwich, a coffee, and orange juice. The food is just the perfect size for breakfast. The sandwich contained fluffy scrambled eggs with a lil’ bit of bacon inside a brioche bun that had been toasted just right. It’s great because it doesn’t mean you’re over-faced on a morning. If you are going to be sightseeing all day, you’re sure to not be weighed down!

The aesthetic

You can tell Matamata is one of the best cafés in Paris because of how busy it is. So much so, that I could only just see the aesthetic of the place (see photos below). It kinda reminded me of Ruda Café in Madrid in a way. This is because it created somewhat of a simple style whilst making it cosy. The best thing about this place, however, is that there’s two floors instead of one! There’s such a snug nook downstairs decorated with subtle fairy lights and flowers. It isn’t as crowded down there so if you need somewhere to hide away, this might be perfect for you.

The verdict

Out of all of the Paris cafés I’ve been to, Matamata Coffee Bar is by far the homiest. The cosy yet crowded atmosphere shows how much locals and tourists alike love this place, and I must say, I can say the same! If you live or are staying nearby this may be a place to stop by.

I’m always looking for other amazing cafés in cities I have and have not visited, and I would love to hear about your experiences there! Therefore, feel free to contact me and your experiences can be shared. If you are looking for further Paris inspiration, however, feel fee to check out my Paris conquests here!

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