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North Star Coffee Shop

Leeds Docks’ alternative spot

After a couple of years away, it feels great to be back! Clarence Dock is one of those areas in Leeds where youths seem to congregate, whether that be for the modern accommodation or the luxe leisure spots (yes, I’m talking about you, yoga studio). North Star just seems to fit in with this vibe and brings a little bit of grit along with it.

Even though I’ve lived in and near Leeds all my life, the Dock is always an area that I have rarely visited. Apart from The Royal Armouries Museum, I’d never had another reason to go. However, a friend from work really raved about this place, and I was glad to see it lived up to the hype! I can just imagine carrying on those zen yoga vibes in the café around the corner.

The coffee

Coffee after morning yoga, you say? What could be better than that? North Star has a range of coffee beverages to wet your whistle. The vibe you’re after will depend on the coffee you choose. My coffee of choice this morning was a piccolo with oat milk, but don’t underestimate it due to its size. Short and to the punch! It gives you that oomph feeling from the bitterness that you need in the morning, and coats the back your throat. It’s something that you can really savour.

If you want something lighter, however, you can treat yourself to a warming mug of the specially brewed batch brew. Still, something you can savour, but in the form of a cosy coffee cuddle, and the mug to match! North Star describe their coffee as ‘beautifully balanced and versatile,’ and I couldn’t agree more.

Nevertheless, this coffee makes an impact no matter the form it comes in. North Star’s passion comes from the origin of their coffee and have worked from the ground up to create an impact from the source. The El Salvador Project is the culmination of this idea and brings new coffee profiles into their house blend. A coffee blend that gives back – if I were you, it’s something I would definitely check out!

The food

The coffee blend isn’t the only proud partner – the food is also a team effort. The menu here changes upon the season, and it definitely suited the weather outside. It gave me warmth I needed on a cosy day but was light enough to blow me away in the wind. I decided to opt for the slow scrambled eggs on a bed of sourdough toast (although that can be changed for a four cheese & rye scone) with an added on extra of chorizo for that pop.

On the other hand, the desserts are stars in their own right too. Originating from the bakery just next door, North Star provide an assortment of sweet bites. They are just a taster for what you can purchase next door. I ordered the vegan cookie whereas my friend ordered the frangipane. I loved how the desserts only tease you with the sweetness, especially the cookie. The sprinkling of salt on top kept those tastebuds tingling.

The aesthetic

North Star may look intimidating, especially with that queue outside, but this coffee shop has enough space for all. There is sense of airiness which I think is perfect for those bakery scents to waft throughout. It gives off the minimal aesthetic with a touch of personalisation. Their general store vibe is also strongly displayed with a wall perfectly space with North Star memorabilia from coffee to caps. If you love a souvenir from your favourite eateries, you will want to make sure you snag a t-shirt whilst stocks last!

The verdict

In a nutshell, this Leeds coffee shop has all the air you need, whether that be in the lightness of the food or the café composition, especially as we’re coming out of a pandemic. Nevertheless, there is always a queue out of the door. For a coffee shop that isn’t in the exact centre of the city, it’s worth that short walk.

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