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Lisbon’s indie café with a touch of tradition

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, one of the most colourful places I’ve ever visited to be honest. It has a whole different vibe. With this vibe, it also brings with it a whole other selection of cafés to explore. Lisbon has alternative and indie cafés just like any other city, but what is great is that there is always a traditional touch to them. Fabrica Coffee Roasters can be included in this list.

Lisbon wasn’t originally on my plans this year, but one normal day in Madrid, my friend brought up the idea of going on a spontaneous trip. As a result, the Portuguese city of Lisboa was the destination of choice. It’s obvious that whilst we were there we would need to find some cool coffee shops to go to for a spot of brunch. I mean, come on. That’s why we’re here, right? We arrived in Lisbon super early in the morning and decided to go straight for breakfast. This café was one of the first on the google maps list that stood out to us, and we thought we might as well.

Located in the Centre of Lisbon, Fabrica has branched out to not just one, but three separate locations sprawled across the city, all with their unique aesthetics and atmospheres. It had opened back in a time where speciality coffee shops were quite a risk in Lisbon, but that risk seems to have paid off. Now, everyone can’t get enough of a great speciality coffee!

The coffee

As I said above, the opening of this coffee shop was definitely a risk that has paid off. They can now share their love for coffee all over the city. Fabrica have sourced their unique blends from all over the world, but these blends are brewed in a variety of ways. How about one of their freshly batch brewed coffees, or even made by their aero press? Each of these would give your morning coffee a distinct flavour.

If you’re not about that fancy stuff, however, even their traditionally brewed coffees will be perfect for you. My friend ordered her usual cappuccino and it definitely went down a treat.

Don’t worry if you’re not an avid coffee drinker like some of us. Fabrica Coffee Roasters also has a range of other drinks on offer. I, myself, wasn’t in the mood for a coffee that morning, so I treated myself to a chai latte instead. It was still the right does of caffeine for me to start my day with the touch of spice that is perfect for the winter.

The food

With all of this great coffee, you need some good food to compliment it, right? Depending on your level of hunger, you’re sure to find something that catches your fancy. I was in the mood for something big, so I ordered the eggs. I must say, if you like a lot of rocket, you will be happy with that! My friend, on the other hand, was in the mood for something a lot smaller. Therefore, she ordered the banana bread. It was so good! Perfectly moist, gluten free, and not overfacing. In my opinion, that’s what you need in a sweet treat.

The aesthetic

I definitely feel that the aesthetic of this specific Fabrica mixes the traditional with the alternative. That’s because it has the feeling of an independent café that focuses on nature as part of their aesthetic. However, it always gives off the Portuguese vibe. Fabrica stands out because it doesn’t try to hide from being within the heart of the Portuguese capital, yet it knows how to still pride itself on being unique. If you ask me, it definitely makes this place feel more comfortable and relaxing.

The verdict

During my first time in Lisbon, I’m definitely happy I’ve stumbled on this coffee shop.  With a relaxing atmosphere that eases you into drinking great coffees, you won’t want to leave. Or, like me, you might want to try one of their other locations too!

All over the world, there are so many amazing café experiences, and I would love to hear about others. Feel free to contact me and share your experiences and I would be happy to share them!

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  1. still in town?? you should try Ler Devagar in Lx Factory, not only it has one of the most beautiful bookstores but it also has a nice café 🙂 greetings, PedroL

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