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As I have said time and time again, Leeds is Yorkshire’s gem that is brimming with culture. Yes, that’s right – coffee culture! From the ultra-modern to the super-alternative, there will always be a coffee shop that fits the vibe you’re going for. This weekend, I was looking for something a little quirkier, and boy did I find it. Mrs Atha’s is situated right in the heart of Leeds and is one of those hidden surprises that you can’t help but find.

The coffee

You know what else may be something you can’t help to find? Coffee of course! The quintessential oat flat white was the coffee of choice for the crisp summer morning (not a real summer though, am I right?). If a coffee isn’t what you’re looking for but you’re craving a different kind of caffeine, how about a matcha instead? Whether it be hot or iced, you can be sure to find it here. An aspect that I liked in particular was how my coffee was served with a cute spoon which had a strong resemblance to a Welsh Love Spoon. Mrs Atha’s is obviously feeling the love for their coffee and want to pass that love on to their customers, and I definitely felt it.

The current blend is perfectly described on their Instagram – ‘giving zesty, sticky sweet vibes’. To be honest, I couldn’t agree more. This was a super powerful blend that perfectly complements the sweet brunch that was to come.

The food

Did I mention a sweet brunch? There may be a variety of brunch and breakfast options, but this morning was a day to indulge and satisfy my sweet tooth.  My friend chose the buttermilk pancakes which arrived piled high with marshmallow fluff, ginger crumble and poached rhubarb. I may have convinced my friend to let me taste and I must say, it was heavenly! The flavours worked so well together, but that’s not really surprise here. 

I didn’t give myself enough time to decide so I went with my gut and chose the French toast. I really was not disappointed in that choice at all either. Stuffed with vanilla, cinnamon and apple and topped with walnut brittle and a good ol’ dollop of clotted cream, it may seem like a lot to face yourself with. However, this deceptive dish was so light and airy whilst being super filling. You don’t feel like you need an after-breakfast nap and will still be raring to explore the delights that Leeds has to offer.

The aesthetic

You may want to explore the bustling streets of Leeds, but don’t forget to take in the vibes of Mrs Atha’s. With its eclectic range of décor, it perfectly merges the antique with the shabby chic. It honestly made the place feel a lot more cosy, which I can imagine would feel even better during the colder months. You even have the narrow intimate inside to keep that warmth in, or you could opt for a table outside to feel the breeze of the streets. Whatever choice you make will be a good one.

We were served by the owner of Mrs Atha’s and the brain behind the whole operation. You can feel the passion he has for this coffee shop as it radiates from his enthusiasm. This is his grandmother’s namesake after all, so he can’t let the side down.

The verdict

I must confess, Mrs Athas is a Leeds staple that deserves to be in the limelight. After all, they do only take walk-ins so get ready to be turned away at the door. If you’re yet to visit this cosy corner of town, however, get yourself down there asap!

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