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The Kiwi Coffee Culture of Sheffield

There is no city like Sheffield. South Yorkshire’s steel city is ever so popular with students and is growing higher and higher by the day. Something else that is ever so popular is Tamper. That doesn’t mean, though, that it will be ever in the shadows. I have asked others time and time again where they would recommend for a good spot of brunch, and of course, this cool coffee spot seemed to be the first on their lists. So, I thought, you know what? It’s time to try this out for myself and I was not disappointed. Now, lemme tell you all about my time here too!

The coffee

I bet you’re sitting there wondering what Josh could have possible ordered on his café visit? You have probably guessed right – an oat cortado of course! We arrived here just before Tamper opened its doors so you can imagine I may have been a little tired, and I definitely needed a strong coffee to wake me up. The cortado always packs the perfect punch on a morning. As it was also quite a wam morning, my friend decided to go for an iced latte. To be honest, it still had the punch that was needed as it woke him up in no time. If you’re smarter than us, you could always think about booking a table ahead which is highly recommended.

Not fancying a coffee this morning? Tamper offers a small list of juices and shakes to choose from instead. These juices are all freshly pressed and shakes freshly whizzed and ready to refresh you. You may also want to take a look at the seasonal specials to see if thank of those tickle your fancy. Whatever you do choose, all the drinks here at Tamer are the perfect accompaniment for the food to follow.

The food

Whilst the coffee provides that perfect morning munch, I must say the food is the star of the show here at Tamper. Sorry ’bout it!

Tamper offers their signature menu all day long, but do have differences whether you choose to dine before or after 12:00. Lucky for us, we wanted to choose staples that are available all day. Oh, and don’t forget about that specials board for food too! I think the first of these dishes I want to talk about is something my friend actually ordered: the Salt Beef Benedict. “16-hour braised Yorkshire salted brisket on toasted English muffin with poached eggs, yuzu hollandaise, topped with herb stalk pesto and mixed seeds.” In my opinion, this was something a little bit different to have for breakfast. Not the eggs, but the beef I mean. It may be the Yorkshireman in me, but the first thing on my mind when it comes to beef is a cosy homemade roast beef Sunday dinner with Yorkshire puds. Such a hearty meal to keep you full all day long. However, this Sunday was not like that. This dish had just the right amount of salted beef brisket, making it a lighter take on an otherwise heavy meal.

I, myself, fancied something a little greener and I’ve also been on a little bit of a tender stem broccoli hype. Therefore, the eggs Florentine was my pick. To me, it was the epitome of the perfect brunch food but on the light and healthier side of things. If this healthiness is all poppycock to you though, you gotta get the Big Kiwi instead for that perfect full English with a sprinkle of Kiwi culture.

The vibe

I hope you didn’t think that sprinkle of Kiwi culture wasn’t just in the food. The space also has an abundance of it! Tamper has the quintessential coffee shop vibe with its exposed brick walls and modern industrial feel. However, the difference is that here there is a vivid splash of colour on many a wall. This place is also perfect on a summer day. Why not grab a table in the courtyard and feel the breeze? Heck, if you love Tamper so much, you can even hire it out for parties and wedding receptions!

The verdict

To sum everything up, Tamper is a Sheffield staple that is a must to visit. It’s the perfect place to grab yourself the perfect grab to go with some of the city’s best grub. So how about it? Step straight off that train and walk just a matter of minutes to get that little bit of New Zealand in South Yorkshire.

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