Zenith: Brunch and Cocktails

Because any time is brunch time

Madrid has many amazing cafés, but sometimes you have to be a pro to find the hidden ones. Zenith can be considered one of those places. Located just off Gran Vía, you would be right to think it’s pretty central, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find!

I actually heard about this café from a work colleague. She has always raved about this place, so when she invited me to go with her, I was definitely excited to go. Zenith is located right in the centre of Madrid on Calle Valverde and is less than a five-minute walk from Gran Vía. It specialises in, as the title suggests, all day brunches, which is great. Any time is brunch time here in Madrid!

This café was opened after successful openings in Lisbon and Porto, and made its ‘international’ debut here in Madrid. Featuring a collection of both sweet and savoury foods, the menu is suitable for whatever mood you’re in!

The coffee

First thing’s first though, we have to talk about the coffee. Zenith has a wide variety of speciality coffees, both hot and cold, that you can choose from. For example, the coffee menu has a selection of 100% arabica coffees that sure to be the best. I ordered just a simple iced vanilla latte, but let me tell you, simple may just be the way to go. It tasted great! Just a smooth coffee for those who are still coffee amateurs. However, if simplicity is not your thing, they also have a few Superfood lattes to give you that extra healthy kick. Any coffee here would definitely compliment the food.

The food

Speaking of food, I gotta tell you about what I ordered. I just had to try one of their signature dishes. Therefore, I ordered the Zenith Eggs. I love how unique these are because I would never think about breading poached eggs. However, it made all the difference added such a cool, crunchy texture alongside the soft poached eggs. It is also accompanied with, amongst other things, sourdough toast, crispy Spanish ham and avocado. It is definitely a treat for a savoury lover.

On the other hand, Zenith is also great for those with a sweet tooth. In particular, their selection of pancakes is to die for! They have some great choices of sweet pancakes (as well as their savoury Zenith Pancake) that would be enough to keep you filled for the majority of the day.

Indeed, if you’re not wanting something heavy though, there are also some lighter brunch classics as well as healthy smoothie bowls that taste just as amazing. Truly, there’s nothing like a good superfood smoothie to get you ready for the rest of the day.

The aesthetic

The food isn’t the only part of the café that you will love – the aesthetic of this place is also amazing! Admittedly, this was the first thing that attracted me. Of course, no wonder this chain is part of the top 14 instagrammable restaurants in the world. It mixes the hard and the soft. There are some modern and dark surfaces scattered throughout the café, but these are mixed with the abundance of plants. This natural but edgy atmosphere sure makes you feel like you are in a trendy environment. Madrid has a variety of places that try this same aesthetic, but nowhere does the modern take on it quite like Zenith.

The verdict

The small details make all the difference, and Zenith definitely does it well. Try this place once, and like me, you’ll keep wanting to go back for more!

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