El Perro de Pavlov

La Latina’s Cosy Corner

I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been able to write a good ol’ blog post here. However, I am back with a brand new update! La Latina is definitely one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Madrid, but there are still some hidden gems amongst those hyped up establishments. El Perro de Pavlov is one of those places, and I’m gonna tell you why!

I’ve lived in the neighbourhood of La Latina for quite some time, but strangely I’ve never really explored what has been right on my doorstep. It is a super hipster neighbourhood that is becoming more popular with young natives and international students alike. I mean, I am neither a native nor am I an international student, but La Latina definitely appeals to me too.

Located on the outskirts of La Latina, El Perro de Pavlov is a great coffee shop option for anyone who needs a rest after walking up and down all of those steep hills. It’s been a stop on my walk to and from work too! Nevertheless, this café is a great reward for your hard work walking to the top.

The coffee

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, the reward. El Perro de Pavlov has some great coffee (and other hot drinks) options that can suit everyone. It has truly brought some of the best speciality blends from around the world to downtown Madrid. However, what I think stands out here is the sizing of the drinks. I have never seen my friend receive such a big ‘small’ latte since we’ve been here! Let’s just say it was definitely worth the price.

Even though this is a coffee shop, El Perro de Pavlov actually specialises also in a variety of chai blends. Whilst my friend ordered the shockingly massive latte, I decided to opt for the blue chai latte. This option contains “flor de guisante azul” which translates to butterfly pea flower. I loved how smooth and light it tasted, no heavy dairy feeling here. I also thought the appearance was super cute. It was carefully sprinkled with cinnamon and what looked like dried petals. This is truly a pretty pastel delight of a drink!

The food

The drinks here aren’t the only things that are light. The food here is too! The menu here may not be the most extensive, but sometimes simplicity is key. El Perro de Pavlov has focused its menu on different toast options which means that you can have enough variety for any taste, whether it be sweet or savoury. I decided to go for the traditional Spanish tomato toast whilst my friend chose her usual avo on toast. I thought it was great because we were only given one slice of toast accompanied with our chosen toppings. It’s refreshing to be given something a little simpler instead of being overwhelmed by too much food. It was just enough for us!

This coffee shop also have a great selection of sweet treats. Fortunately, this selection will leave you wanting to come back over and over again. These desserts are freshly baked every day and so there is always something different for you to try. If you have a sweet tooth like me,  you’ll be wanting to try everything.

The aesthetic

El Perro de Pavlov may look like a small coffee shop when you arrive, but this only adds to its charm. Sometimes a larger place can feel a lot less personal to you as a customer. However, here is totally different. Whilst we were sat eating brunch, there’s always conversation between the owner and customers and creates such a friendly atmosphere. It’s obvious that the owner wants to put comfort in the forefront of his customers’ minds. The aesthetic of this coffee shop feels like the owner has welcomed you into the comfort of his home.

The verdict

To sum it all up, this La Latina coffee shop is a cosy corner away from the hustle and bustle of a popular part of Madrid. The unique drinks alongside light foods which still leave you full are sure to bring people in – it did the same for me. Indeed, if you are looking for a little bit of comfort whilst you rest, this is definitely the place to be.

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