Adorado Bar

Home sweet home in Madrid

I can talk about all of the awesome places in Madrid until I’m blue in the face. But that’s the truth. There seems to be a never-ending number of cafés in central Madrid and all of them have their unique aesthetic. Adorado Bar can definitely be included in that list.

I stumbled upon Adorado after a long day and was quite looking forward to grabbing a bite to eat. We were originally going to go to Plántate, but we ended up walking past this place first. It was about time we tried something different! We definitely couldn’t ignore how inviting this place looked. Therefore, we just had to take a seat on the terrace and try it out.

Adorado specialises in taking the idea of brunch and adding a homely twist. This café/bar is one in a now worldwide chain originating in Argentina. There is for sure a touch of the owners’ Argentinian heritage dotted around this place. Pieces of their home are a great finishing touch to create a homely atmosphere.

The coffee

This café is open all the way from 9am to 9pm every day and offers a menu to match that timetable. Adorado’s menu offers a range of coffee and hot drinks that are suitable for the entire day. If it wasn’t too hot outside, a hot coffee would have definitely been the way to go! On my visit however, I decided to order an iced latte. After what seemed like a long day, it was definitely needed, and definitely welcomed. It went down like a treat, refreshing but not overly strong – perfect for a coffee in the afternoon.

The food

The homely twist I talked about earlier definitely comes across in Adorado’s food. As a brit, I’m quite partial to an all-day breakfast, so this was definitely up my street. The menu consists of many breakfast dishes but are offered all the way until closing time. No time restrictions here! I myself ordered a classic brunch classic – eggs Benedict. What made these worth it is that the eggs were served on English muffins instead of the typical Spanish bread. I mustn’t be the only one (unless I’m just weak) who hates the struggle of cutting through thick crusts and just ends up making a mess. However, this toast was perfect!

Other dishes served here are other international dishes from all over the world, but Adorado always brings it back with their signature Argentine touch. Whether it is a Patagonian salad or a Milanese sandwich, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

The aesthetic

It’s not just the food that feels very homey, the décor sure is too! In a way, the aesthetic reminds me of my grandma’s kitchen. With the wooden furniture accompanied with plates and plants dotted across the walls, it brings a cosy atmosphere without being too cluttered. This especially goes well with the size of the space, as there are quite a few rooms. The cosiness is continued throughout, even in the outside terrace. It’s basically like going home – a cute garden and a cute kitchen. What more could you want?

The verdict

In a nutshell, Adorado Bar is definitely a place you should go. Even Elle wrote about it! You can wake up at any time you want and you’d still be in time for breakfast here. If you have a list of cafés you want to visit, this should for sure be on there.

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